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Artículos Relacionados

- AUDEMARD, F. A., ROMERO, G. RENDON, H. & CANO, V., 2005. Quaternary fault kinematics and stress tensors along the southern Caribbean from microtectonic data and focal mechanism solutions. Earth-Science Reviews (corrected proofs).
Formato PDF 2005 EARTHSR FAM
- GONZÁLEZ, J., SCHMITZ, M., AUDEMARD, F. A., CONTRERAS, R., MOCQUET, A., DELGADO, J., & DE SANTIS F., 2004. Site effects of the 1997 Cariaco, Venezuela earthquake. Engineering Geology, 72(1-2): 143-177.
Formato PDF 2004 ENERO JG
- AUDEMARD, F. A., 2003. Geomorphic and geologic evidence of ongoing uplift and deformation in the Mérida Andes, Venezuela. Quaternary International 101-102C: 43-65.
Formato PDF 2003 JQI FAM
- AUDEMARD, F. E. & AUDEMARD, F. A., 2002. Structure of the Mérida Andes, Venezuela: relations with the South America-Caribbean geodynamic interaction. Tectonophysics, 345(1-4): 299-327.
Formato PDF 2002 TECTO FEA
- AUDEMARD, F. A., 2001. Quaternary tectonics and stress tensor of the northern inverted Falcón Basin, northwestern Venezuela. Journal of Structural Geology, Special Memorial Issue to Paul Hancock, 23(2-3): 431-453.
Formato PDF 2001 JSG FAM
- AUDEMARD, F. A., 1999. Morpho-Structural Expression of Active Thrust Fault Systems in the Humid Tropical Foothills of Colombia and Venezuela In: Frisch, W. (ed.), Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Geomorphology Bologna 1997, Volume III. Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie.118: 1-18.
Formato PDF  1999 ZFG FAM
- AUDEMARD, F. A., 1996. Late Quaternary Marine Deposits of the Paraguana Peninsula, State of Falcon, Northwestern Venezuela: Preliminary Geological Observations and Neotectonic Implications. Quaternary International, 31:5-11.
Formato PDF 1996 JQI FAM
- AUDEMARD, F. A., BOUSQUET, J-C. & RODRIGUEZ, J. A., 1999. Neotectonic and Paleoseismicity studies on the Urumaco fault, northern Falcón basin, northwestern Venezuela. In: Pavlides, S., Pantosti, D. & Peizhen, Z. (eds.), Earthquakes, Paleoseismology and Active Tectonics. 29th General Assembly of the Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior (IASPEI), Thessaloniki, Greece, August 1997. Tectonophysics. 308: 23-35.
Formato PDF 1999 TECTO FAM1
- AUDEMARD, F. A., 1997. Holocene and Historical Earthquakes on the Boconó Fault System, Southern Venezuelan Andes: Trench Confirmation. In: Hancock, P. & Michetti, A. (eds.), Paleoseimology: understanding the past earthquakes using Quaternary Geology. Symposium on Paleoseimicity at the XIV INQUA Congress, Berlin, August 1995. Journal of Geodynamics. 24 (1-4): 155-167.
Formato PDF 1996 JOG FAM
- AUDEMARD, F. A., 1996. Paleoseismicity studies on the Oca-Ancon fault system, northwestern Venezuela. In: Dewey, J & Lamb, S. (eds.), Geodynamic of the Andes. Selected papers 2nd. International Symposium on Andean Geodynamics, Oxford, september 1993. Tectonophysics, 259: 67-80.
Formato PDF 1996 TECTO FAM
Riesgo Geológico
- AUDEMARD, F. A. & DE SANTIS, F., 1991. Survey of liquefaction structures induced by recent moderate earthquakes. Bulletin IAEG/AIGI N°44. 5-16.
Formato PDF 1991 IAEG44 FAM



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